It would appear that they have opened Lake Bunga to the sea again, allowing the lake to drain out, and to refill from the sea.  We are assuming this is to allow work to continue on the Princes Highway over Bunga Creek, where extra water building up would create a problem for the workmen.

We could see from our place that the lake was empty this morning, and so this afternoon, we went down to take some photos.

The tide was actually on the way down when we were there, but that didn’t stop a huge volume of water cascading into the lake.


I am standing about half way down the canal, between the lake behind me and the sea in front of me, where you can see the volume of water coming back into  the lake.

This short video gives you some idea of the volume of water coming back in.  

There are a few more photos in the album  “Lake Bunga October 7” if you would like to look at them.  Click on the image below to see the Album.

October 7 2016  Lake Bunga