Took my new bike for a trial run on the Rail Trail today – did about 8 ks (not bad for two oldies~!)  and a few adjustments later I was comfortable and enjoying the ride.  You do need to watch out for snakes though, we spotted one immediately we got onto the trail, and had to  “persuade” it to move off the trail and into the grass.  I spent the rest of the ride watching carefully anything that might possibly be a snake, but the only other creature apart from birds, was a Blue Tongue lizard enjoying the sunshine at the side of the trail.




Went up as far as Princes Highway crossing before returning home.  Not a massive ride, but enough for two oldies for one day!   I highly recommend this trail ride for anyone, I’m guessing from what I have seen, that there are parts that only experienced ( and young!) riders would tackle, but for the most part it’s an easy ride, a few gentle hills, nothing too stressful.  The path is sealed most of the way, although a bit bumpy in places, it’s not impossible, and is a very pleasant ride through bushland.


One word of advice, apart from look out for snakes, take some insect repellent!  We didn’t and we sure wished we had!  We stopped to make adjustments to my bike, and were literally invaded and attacked by mosquitos! HUGE ones that bit like wasps!   How I wished I had listened to myself and thrown in the repellant!  And of course, take some water to drink.  We did come across one water fountain, which was lovely,  provision to drink from the fountain and well as a special spigot to fill your water bottle, so well done to whoever thought of that idea!

A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. For more info about the Rail Trail see this site