Friday December 30 – 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we were out and about in Lakes Entrance tonight. Nice meal at “The Reggies” then a walk across to the beach.





Does not matter what the weather is doing, the view from Jemmy’s Point is always spectacular!

We are so blessed to live in this amazing place!



Lakes Entrance dreaming

Another lovely day in Lakes Entrance today, one minute a cold wind, next minute warm sunshine.

Lonsdale Eco Cruises were off on yet another adventure, with a look at the Entrance first

DSCF3160 2016 2016.JPG


DSCF3169 2016 2016.JPG



DSCF3174 2016 2016.JPG



So many birds around today, there was a feeding freezy at the Entrance, and we watched all the birds move down the channel as the fish moved.  Mostly Pelicans and Cormorants.  We did see a couple of dolphins too, but only briefly.

DSCF3179 2016 2016.JPG

Safe trip to our friends at Lonsdale Eco Cruises!






Wild and Windy Day in Lakes Entrance

It has been a very wild and windy day here in Lakes Entrance today, making for some spectacular cloud formations and some spectacular shots of the sea.  I am not sure my camera has done justice to the gorgeous and changing hues on the ocean, however I tried and this will give you a general idea.


I shot this video which was streamed live to our Facebook Page – Gorgeous Gippsland:


The video does not show very well the variation of color in the water, the following photos bring it up better





The waves were crashing over the Entrance, and again a wonderful display of light and shade, not captured very well as it was too wet and windy to get out of the car!




Lake Tyers was calmer .