January 28 2017–Spider a hiding, flowers a blooming!



Another perfect day in East Gippsland today. A walk around my garden again, this time with a focus on spiders!



Can you spot him?  I don’t know what kind of a spider he is, but unless he moves, he looks just like a piece of bark, or a dried leaf.





Here’s another fellow hiding in a different place.  I have seen these holes all over the yard, but to my knowledge I have not actually seen the whole spider.  I have noticed his front legs sometimes at the top of the hole, but I have never seen one fully out of the hole.  If they are, as I’ve been told, Funnel Web spiders (not the deadly kind)  then they are very secretive spiders!




And a perfect water lily growing in the pond!


Australia Day Lakes Entrance Style

An absolutely perfect day in Lakes Entrance today, which saw many people coming out to enjoy the local attractions on the day. The day started off a bit dull and ordinary, but blossomed into a perfect sunny, not too hot, not too cold, afternoon for us all to enjoy the day by the water.

Busy on the water, and lots of people enjoying the festivities on the foreshore.

Lakes Entrance is a perfect spot at any time of the year, but is especially gorgeous at this time of year.   A walk along the Esplanade reveals some amazing sights and sounds.


Check out our photos here:  Lakes Entrance Australia Day

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Classic Open Boat Weekend at Paynesville

Fantastic day to be down at Paynesville to see the Classic Open Boats.  There were 30 boats and around 300 people to enjoy the day.  Well done to all involved in putting on the day!

Here are a handful of photos from the day, we are processing some video and further photos, which we will post up in due course.












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January 20 2017 – Fabulous Lakes Entrance – as always

Another fabulous day in Lakes Entrance, somewhat windy, especially on the beach, but a glorious day nonetheless. Blowing a gale from Jemmy’s point, so strong I had to hold onto the car to take the photos!







Loved the play of light on the water, creating moving shadows almost like living creatures in the water.



Brave “Lonsdale Eco Cruises”  the only ones out and about!

Red Bluff Beach was so windy, we could not walk on the beach.  I was almost blown over trying to climb across the rocks, and all the while being sandblasted.  We opted for a few photos and back to the car!









And amazing storms clouds on the horizon.  Not very often you see the actual storm front so clearly defined.

And to end the day our King Parrot came for a feed. He is so lame in one claw that he has trouble balancing, so I think perhaps he doesn’t feed quite as well as the others in his family.  He spends quite a bit of his day in our trees, and usually comes for a feed at the end of the day.



Hot! Hot! Hot!

Very hot day today in our beautiful Gippsland – hope you all stayed cool and found a pleasant place in which to spend the day.

With so many wonderful spots around the area to find a cool place today, I’m sure most of you found a beach, or a fishing spot, or some other place in which to spend the day

Far Out Charters went fishing:

And Captains Cove shared their morning

And Lonsdale Eco Cruises was enjoying the day too!

And the fire danger was high






Situation normal in East Gippsland!