Lovely Lakes Entrance

Have to say that Lakes Entrance is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  We have it all here,  everything you would expect in a sea side town, although don’t go looking for any Casino, or high rise apartments near the waters edge, you won’t find them here. You will find a lovely little country town, with beautiful and enchanting places to stay, and plenty of beaches to explore without having to fight your way through the crowds.

Fishing is excellent in both sea and river and lake system, and there are Charters to take you there.


Wildlife abounds, birds, dolphins, seals.

Always sea gulls to see (Please don’t feed them your human food, it’s really bad for them!)

Drive down to Bullock Island of an evening and you may see dolphins playing.



Swallows build their nests under the boardwalks, and charm visitors with their swift flight and pretty calls.





Fishermen lay their nets out in the sun to dry and for repairs.



You can buy your fish and seafood directly from the boats, super fresh!


And enjoy our busy port while you stroll along the Esplanade.


Watch out for eyes from above!


What a beautiful and fabulous place I live in, don’t  you agree?


P.S. Curlip – November 18th 2016

Drive to Paynesville for lunch today.  Lovely fresh salad rolls from the bakery and then around to visit Peter Medling  and go over to Raymond Island to board “P.S. Curlip”  Lovely trip over on Peter’s restored family fishing boat, and then there she was – our beautiful little paddle steamer, admittedly looking a little sad and in need of some love and care, but nothing that can’t be fixed,  and those around her are just the ones to be able to take care of her, and restore her to her former glory!

What a magical, fantastic vessel she is!  I have fallen in love with her all over again, and can’t wait to see her out and about carrying happy tourists and eager students, and those of us locals who love and appreciate her.

If you are interested in helping with her restoration, or in becoming a paid up member of “Friends of Curlip” or in purchasing merchandise to help support her restoration, or just to chat and be up to date with what’s happening,  please visit our group  “Friends of Curlip Group”  If you would just like information and updates please like our page “Friends of Curlip Page




There is such a magical feeling onboard, that has to be experienced to be believed.  Please check out our Facebook Page and Group if you are interested in helping in any way, financial or by volunteering for anything that you have expertise in, every volunteer is valued and will be kept informed as to when and where help is required.  There is a registry of volunteers maintained on the Friends of Curlip Group, that you can add your name to, or contact team members as listed there.





Fantastic Day in Lakes Entrance – November 17 2016

What a superb day in Lakes Entrance today!  Warm and sunny with a light breeze, perfect for a walk along The Esplanade.



Low tide leaves some sand and a few interesting pools of water.



There are endless possibilities for photos as you wander amongst the boats moored along the way.  Marley Point and Southern Hunter’s contrasting colors make an interesting shot. Shops in the background add to the color.




Hewardia looking comfortable and serene at her moorings.


Colorful fishing nets and gear on the wharf contrast to Panagia’s dark colors, and the bright yellow of Bass Trek in the background.



Fishing nets laid out on the wharf speak of ancient traditions of net mending, and conjure up an image of old men sitting smoking their pipes, mending the nets ready for the next day’s fishing.



A bird keeping watch from on high, turning his head this way and that, watching the world go by.



And a swallow takes a break from nest building under the pier to rest a moment in the sunshine.



Ship Ahoy me hearties!  Or more likely  “Coo Coo”  Hitching a ride!



Fresh Seafood direct off  the boat, you can’t find fresher than that!  Lakes Entrance has it all – a beautiful port, boats of all shapes and sizes, excellent Cafe’s and places to eat, and lovely places to stay.   It is a family friendly, relaxed and relaxing place to visit, and an even better place to live.



Lake Tyers – November 12, 2016

Lake Tyers is always a great place to get some great photos, and is a peaceful place to spend an afternoon, watching the wild life, and the boats.

The Pelican was sitting here, and out of the corner of my eye I saw what he was doing, I turned with the camera and took the shot,  not the best one I have ever taken, but worth sharing anyway.

More in the album “Lake Tyers – November 12, 2016


Lake Tyers – November 8 2016

Drive around to Lake Tyers again, to discover that the new “old jetty”  is open for business!  Going to be a very nice place to sit and watch the boats and the wildlife, and perhaps might mean that we are not dodging fishermen whilst trying to launch and/or retrieve our boat on the ramp.

See the rest of the photos “Lake Tyers – November 8 2016