Lakes Entrance, Friday 15th June 2018

Watching from Bullock Island.

Lutarna returning to Lakes
Lutarna and Lonsdale Eco Cruises at the Entrance.  The Kalimna dredge rigging in the foreground.




One of the lovely things – and there are many – about living in East Gippsland, is the bird life.  Every year, we have a pair of King Parrots, who come and stay with us for a season, bring their young to feed from our veranda, and move on.  Each year, at least one of the pair, has the disease that causes their feet to be deformed, and from this, we are reasonably sure that we have had the same “family” of birds year after year, a new pair each year, who bring their offspring, who return the following year with their offspring.

They are delightful, intelligent and gentle birds, and each year we feed them the black sunflower seeds they love.  The males are far more brave than the females, and will often feed directly from your hand.  The females rarely do, but they will allow us near them and every year we become attached to the new pair, and their young.

They are easily scared off by other birds, especially the noisy Lorikeets, who arrive in a noisy, raucous crowd and frighten off all the other birds. Unless we are there near the tray.  If this happens the King Parrots will stay feeding, despite the noise and aggression of the Lorikeets!   It is as if they know that we will keep the other birds from feeding until they have had their fill.   They will follow us around the yard, if there is no seed in their tray, whistling and chortling as though reminding us to bring them some food.

The Rosella’s will do the same, often landing on us, or very near us.  Rosella’s become very brave if there are a few of them together.  One pair will be very timid, until there are a few more pairs, and then suddenly they will be landing on your shoulders, or in your hair, or on your arms, demanding food!  Such fun little birds, and very smart. Once shown where they can come for food they do not forget.  They land on our front veranda and if we don’t have any seed out, or come out with some, they will land on the wire screens, tapping on the windows with their beaks, to “remind” us!   Very funny to see a Rosella hanging precariously on the outside wire screen door, and the cat, inside, meowing at them.  She never chases them or attempts to catch them, but she has a particular deep meow she makes which the Rosella’s recognize and will carry on a whole “conversation” with her.   This even happens outside, with cat sitting in the chair and bird sitting on the veranda railing.

Lakes Entrance

As you drive down the hill into Lakes Entrance, you see this fantastic vista straight out the Entrance.  Every day this picture changes, according to weather and sea conditions, and I never tired of seeing it’s changing beauty.

The photo was shot as we drove, so it’s not as clear as it could have been, and no, I was not driving!  LOL!!