Walking around my garden today, just taking some time to enjoy the sunshine and the flowers in my garden.

I’m not sure what this tree is called, but I believe its a Paulownia tomentosa, maybe someone can confirm that for me, or tell me what it’s called, if I have it wrong.  It’s a very pretty tree, and I love it’s purple flowers, even if they are short lived.  The wind blows them off the tree, and the birds seem to enjoy picking them off and dropping them on the ground!



Gorgeous pink/purple and dark centers, they are very pretty but don’t have any scent that I can smell, and once picked die off very quickly, so no good for bringing inside.

And of course, the sunny daisies, always look so cheerful



These grow everywhere, pretty much without any help from me, almost despite me!  Great time of year when our flowers all start to bloom!

Take some time to go out and smell the roses (to coin a phrase!) and enjoy our beautiful area.    If you are coming here for a holiday – enjoy!

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