Wonderful Wildlife–East Gippsland





Storm clouds gathering over Lake Tyers






Love our resident Pelicans!





And always great to see Royal Spoonbills as well, with their long graceful legs.






Just love these huge birds, each with it’s own personality and quirks, they are always fun to watch, especially when they are preening! Amazing what they can do with their beaks!


East Gippsland Field Days



We attended the East Gippsland Field Days event at Bairnsdale Airport today,  as we have for the last four or so years.  We felt that this year was much improved, with more seating, more displays and better laid out in the area.  We totally enjoyed the day! 

Last time we had trouble finding somewhere to sit down to have a coffee and food, but this year there were seats strategically placed around the area, providing plenty of seating. Nagle College band were playing, so we sat and had our lunch and spent an enjoyable half hour listening to the students enjoy their music. There were plenty of toilets placed around the whole area, and they were clean and well stocked with necessities! If you have some time tomorrow, I highly recommend taking the family out for the day. Well done to organisers and everyone involved, was a very enjoyable day.

The highlight for me was seeing the camels.  They are amazing creatures, and they were all lined up waiting so patiently for whatever might happen next.  See their Facebook page for details Australian Camels.





April 24, 2017 Metung the beautiful



Lovely afternoon tea today at Metung, Coffee and Cakes bought from “The Smiling Chef” and enjoyed by the water.  Just love going to The Smiling Chef, staff are always friendly, service is prompt and food and coffee are excellent.  Make sure you check them out next time you are in Metung.



It is so nice to sit on the seats at the water’s edge and watch the boats and the people coming and going,  always something happening!











Paradise for all kinds of marine life, including the common Sea Gull.  This one was “fishing” right near us, and every now and then fluffed himself up and “screeched”  as though there were competition for the food he was finding, despite the fact that he was the only bird in sight!



Two Magpies came to see what we were eating and if there might be any crumbs for them.

As we were sitting enjoying the sunshine, the clouds came over, providing some amazing formations, but making the air quite chilly!







Metung, always a very special place to visit!


Lake Tyers–April 16 2017 – Easter Holidays



Fantastic weather has allowed many people to visit East Gippsland this holidays, and to enjoy all that our superb area offers.  There were many enjoying tranquil Lake Tyers, and the Pelicans were enjoying a free feed as fishermen cleaned their catch.

Lake Tyers is a great spot for Kayaking,providing protected waterways and great places to fish.





Boaters need to take care as parts of the lake are quite shallow.  This Pelican had been doing quite a little dance on his hidden island!




DSCF4060_dated Pelicans are always curious about what you are doing, especially if they think that you might be going to give them something to eat.  This crew were passing by, but when they saw me kneel down to take a photo, they turned and came back for a look