Orbost February 20th 2017

A visit to Orbost is well worth the trip, especially if you already live in East Gippsland.  A little about the town, from Wikipedia: read it here

I love the drive to Orbost, and the town is so quaint and very friendly.  We always stop in for coffee and a chat at Chooky’s Roost. The service is quick and friendly with a welcoming smile as you enter the shop, the coffee is excellent and the food fresh, the smell of fresh cooked food as you walk in the door is a great incentive to buy something!  Didn’t realise how hungry I was until we dropped in!!   If you are passing that way, drop in!

Chookys Roost

There are so many interesting buildings in the town, each having their own history and unique stories to tell I am sure.





The countryside is fantastic.  If you are a photographer, even an amateur like me, there are so many beautiful scenes to capture!  This would of course, be the most photographed old bridge in Victoria I think.  It is so picturesque, it just begs you to stop and take photos.  No matter what the time of day, or the weather, you are assured of spectacular photos!  Taken from any angle, it has become iconic.





From a quick online check, these two magnificent gum trees are the second most photographed objects in the area!

So well worth the effort to go visit this fantastic East Gippsland town. We will be returning and exploring more in the near future.


Magic Metung

Metung is a lovely little hamlet, offering quiet waters, excellent fishing and good coffee. We like to go there, get a coffee and a treat and go around to Shaving Point to see what’s happening.

Today – well actually yesterday now – was no exception with lots of people coming and going. It always interests me that despite two very clear “No Parking” signs, there inevitably will be at least one car parked right under the sign! Today there were three! It is also an interesting observation that if one person breaks the law, others will follow.

Anyway, it was very windy and a bit chilly around at Shaving Point, so we sat in the car and had our coffee and treat.

We watched as Lakes Entrance Offshore Charters retrieved “SECA” onto her massive trailer, not an easy thing to do in the gusty wind.

Our photos are in an album “February 12, 2017″