Pretty Curlip

Had lunch in Paynesville yesterday, bit windy but otherwise a perfect day.  We found our pretty little Curlip on Raymond Island.  Can’t wait for work to begin, and I’m looking forward to taking some great photos and live video as the work progresses.

If you are interested in being involved, please come along to our ” Friends of Curlip” group on Facebook.  As events unfold, we will bring them to you there, and we’re hoping for some social events, picnics, BBQ’s and maybe a few fund raising events as well, but mostly just so that we can all feel a part of this new venture for East Gippsland. We strongly encourage chat and sharing on this group, photos or stories about the Curlip, and pretty much anything related to her is more than welcome.  A chance to share your passion for this beautiful little Paddle Steamer.   If you don’t want to be involved to that extent, but would still like to be up to date with what’s happening, we have a Facebook Page  “Friends of Curlip”  that you can watch without having to join.

Every offer of help is valued, whether you can help with organising a picnic, or some elbow grease to help restore Curlip,  or any other skill or talent you can bring, there is a place for every single person who wants to help.The Friends of Curlip page hosts a Register of Volunteers, or you can contact me directly if you don’t want your information to be public on the group. Information is available on the group page, or contact me here via the Contact Form.

The more people who are involved and get behind the Venture, the more funding we can gain, and the better the whole Curlip experience will be for everyone!

I am very enthusiastic about the whole project, and cant’t wait to see her on the water, taking Students and Tourists and of course, us locals, on magical tours!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information.





Jinxy the Cat

Even the cats in East Gippsland are special!   This is our cat, who believes she is a dog, Jinxy.  She was a stray who adopted us when we moved here four years ago.


To get our attention, she will sit on the coffee table in front of the TV we are trying to watch, and will “meow” until someone takes notice!

She is not fond of having her photo taken, and usually moves just as I take the shot, but I did manage these close ups.

Log Crossing Picnic Area

A short drive from Lakes Entrance, and you find this amazing little place!  It’s perfect for a family picnic or BBQ, for walking, riding or running on the trails.

See all our photos from the day visit in the album “Log Crossing Picnic Area

We have a video here too: Log Crossing Picnic Area 

There is information about the camp grounds here  Log Crossing Picnic and Camping Grounds



Help the Curlip

The PS Curlip needs your help.
PS Curlip is Victoria’s only steam powered paddle-steamer, recently PS Curlip has been relocated from her home in Marlo to the Gippsland lakes to undergo life saving repairs and a major restoration. Once the repairs are complete, PS Curlip will become a major tourism attraction on the Gippsland Lakes ferrying passengers from Bairnsdale along the Mitchell River and into the lakes district. 
To realize this dream, PS Curlip needs funding along with public contributions of assistance with labour, donations of time, and lots of it. 
There are many steps involved relating to the scope of the entire project, and 1st we need to create a lobby group to influence not only crowd funding, but to apply for Government Grants.
How can you help?
Firstly, please go to the official PS Curlip Facebook page by clicking and hit the “Like” button, this will ensure that you are kept uptodate with all aspects of the PS Curlip’s progress from fund raising, community calls for help and also to show that there are strength in numbers. As a strong community voice; loud and clear, we will have a far better chance of securing much needed funding from both private enterprise, and also government alike.
Remember, the PS Curlip is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Gippsland Lakes, when she is up and running again, all aspects of local business will benefit. When tourists come to visit our lakes, their children will want a ride on the paddle steamer, when people come to stay, they spend money on accommodation and in local shops, they buy meals, coffee and leave money behind in our community, this results in employment.
As a community project everyone needs to get involved and help realize the dream.
On behalf of the PS Curlip committee, we thank you for your support.

—– end quote ——

A Step Back – Sunday October 16 – Lakes Entrance, 2016

I have previously posted about the P.S. Curlip, and we are very excited to have her here on the Gippsland Lakes. I will endeavour to keep my followers updated with news as events unfold.

There is now a Facebook page dedicated to her – P S. Curlip with a dedicated web site to follow shortly.

We were able to shoot some video footage of the Curlip from Jemmy’s Point, in Lakes Entrance, and subsequent photos from there, along the way on the day she arrived. We have created a video/slideshow which you can view here:  click on the photo to start the video.


We hope you enjoy viewing the video as much as we did making it.  Thanks to my husband, Geoff, for his patience in producing the film.



Thursday October 20 – Curlip Update

Curlip is on her way to her new berthing on Raymond Island, where work can continue  on her.




Photo Peter Medling – Paynesville Classic Boat Rally Facebook Page

Quote: Curlip under tow by the Gippsland Water Police to her new home. Steamer Landing Jetty Raymond Island. A big thank you to the Water police for there help. More great community spirit.