On a superb East Gippsland day, the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally for 2018 got underway.  The town was abuzz with activity – cars, bikes, boats, caravans and people!  Parking was at a premium, but most of us found a spot not too far away from the action, and took the time to wander through the car park to check out all the food and drink on offer, through to the Yatch Club carpark for the static display of gorgeous wooden boats.

Around to the foreshore and found a place in the shade to watch the Parade, which was spectacular, being led in by the magical Lady Nelson, looking majestic as she passed by!


The lucky people who booked a cruise got to enjoy the spectacle from a very different point of view.  (See video of our cruise the night before Cruising on The Lady Nelson



Speaking of points of view, this chap must have had an amazing view from atop the sail on Lady Nelson, not a point of view I would be anxious to share with him!


On of the favourite boats on the Gippsland Lakes,  Pride, owned by Peter Medling, the author and instigator of the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally. 

I lost count of how many boats sailed by us there were so many!  Boats old and new and obviously well loved by their owners, and much appreciated by the crowds who had gathered to witness the event.



Nice to see Pete and Sal mixing with the crowd.


And someone said “Boo”



And this was one of three drones we saw overhead – look forward to seeing some spectacular footage from them!



What an amazing sight!  Have you ever seen so many boats in McMillan Strait?




The President of the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally – and local identity – Peter Medling.

I think everyone would agree, that Day One of the Rally was a huge success, and a big “Well done”  to everyone involved – you did a great job and it was a very pleasant day!

And the festivities continue tomorrow! Still time to enjoy!

For all our photos of the day – see our Album Paynesville Classic Boat Rally 2018