Metung is a lovely little hamlet, offering quiet waters, excellent fishing and good coffee. We like to go there, get a coffee and a treat and go around to Shaving Point to see what’s happening.

Today – well actually yesterday now – was no exception with lots of people coming and going. It always interests me that despite two very clear “No Parking” signs, there inevitably will be at least one car parked right under the sign! Today there were three! It is also an interesting observation that if one person breaks the law, others will follow.

Anyway, it was very windy and a bit chilly around at Shaving Point, so we sat in the car and had our coffee and treat.

We watched as Lakes Entrance Offshore Charters retrieved “SECA” onto her massive trailer, not an easy thing to do in the gusty wind.

Our photos are in an album “February 12, 2017″