The Buchan caves are well worth the drive up to Buchan to see.  I have to admit that I thought the costs were a little high, and noted that there is no refund offered if you enter the caves and find yourself feeling claustrophobic in the confined spaces of the caves, and wish to go back.

That being said, it is quite extraordinary in the caves and very much worth the effort of walking through to see it all.  There are some fantastic sights to see. The path is concrete, though very narrow in parts, and also the roof is very low in parts and you have to take care not to bang your head.  I would say a very large person would have trouble getting through some of the more narrow sections, and very tall people would almost have to crawl in some parts. There are however, rails for most of the path, so you don’t feel that you may fall, you feel quite secure.

We went through both Royal Cave and Fairy Cave,  and I much preferred the latter. The first tour through Royal Cave was with a fairly large group, and because of groups coming through behind your group, you do have to keep moving quite fast to keep ahead of them. In Fairy Cave, there were only seven of us, which was great, and we were the last group for the day, so there was plenty of time to stand and admire, and take photos, and listened to our Guide, Andrew, tell us about the various formations, and some of the history of the caves.

Overall, it was a very pleasant day.  Both our Guides were knowledgeable, interesting and able to answer any questions from the crowd.  All staff we had contact with were friendly, smiling and helpful.  The grounds are kept in beautiful condition, rubbish is removed immediately it is spotted, lawns are mown and tended, and the facilities are clean and airy.

Please enjoy our photo Album for our visit  “Buchan Caves Visit, September 2016″ 

Buchan Caves - September 20 2016