Gippsland the Beautiful (and scary)

Gippsland is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but it can also be scary! We have bush fires burning near Lakes Entrance which are still out of control, due to the variable weather/winds. Our Firefighters are doing an amazing and great job, to contain the fire and keep us all safe!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved with the fires, and their families. The bravery of our fire fighters is immense, and we can never thank them enough for the job they do for us all. We thank them, and their families !

The sky over Lakes Entrance and surrounding areas, was both beautiful and scary, as the smoke rose high above us.

See our photos – Bushfire Smoke HERE

Gorgeous Gippsland at it’s best

We’ve had some wild weather over the last week or so, with some spectacular waves at “The Entrance” Click on any image to see the full size photo.

A seal waving to us from the turbulent water off Bullock Island

And today the water was calm at Lake Tyers

The water level is still very low in Lake Tyers. The water birds are loving it!

Around Gippsland

The Swing Bridge at Sale, Victoria, Australia

Sale, Victoria, Australia

Loch Sport, Victoria, Australia

Salad Rolls for lunch on a rainy day at Johnsonville Ramp, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Sailing on the Gippsland Lakes. Paynesville, Victoria Australia

Sailing on the Gippsland Lakes. Meeting, Victoria, Australia

Swan Reach Bay, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Buchan, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Gippsland Is Gorgeous all year

East Gippsland is gorgeous no matter what time of the year it is!

From Mountains to sea, we have it all!

Waiting for the Master to return

You have to agree that scenery in East Gippsland is superb!

The Snowy River world famous in the movie “The Man From Snowy River”

We have some fantastic eating places too!! This is the wonderful Windmill Pizza Resaurant.

Even the Police like visiting us!

We have some of the best boating facilities in Victoria. This is Johnsonville ramp, providing access to the rivers and the entire Lakes System

All kinds of wildlife you can find! These guys were at Buchan Caves reserve.

Bush Walking is very popular in East Gippsland and you can find some of the best at Buchan Caves.

Walking tracks are generally well defined and maintained. Please remember to leave only footprints and take only photographs when visiting our bushland.

Reflective Water

Visit to Lake Tyers today – the water is getting very low, and showing that it really is little more than flood plains in this area.  Boats are still coming and going from the ramp, but it must be very easy to run aground.

Fabulous still water makes for great reflections.




The Nicholson river was equally good for photography

The birds were very comfortable drying their wings and sunning themselves on the pontoon.

The RC club had their boats out



And some of the local boaties were having a BBQ at Johnsonville.





Gorgeous Gippsland indeed!

Mount Raymond Expedition May 16 2016

Nice day today, so we set off for lunch in Orbost, to our usual haunt “Chooky’s” – Egg and Bacon rolls to die for!!  Definitely worth the drive just for that!  Main street Orbost, you can’t miss it – it will be the one with all the people around!  Very friendly, welcoming staff,  pleasant surroundings and excellent food and coffee.  Fast service too!


Leaving Orbost we headed up to Mount Raymond

Annotation 2019-05-16 174716

And a short drive up some 4 x 4 tracks and we arrive at the top of Mount Raymond, at the Comms tower.  Spectacular views all round!









A short drive from there to Cabbage Tree for a coffee at this great little place


Very friendly people, lovely coffee and fantastic atmosphere – a real old fashioned General Store with lots to see!  Highly recommend you visit this one!


Annotation 2019-05-16 180502

A pleasant drive back to Lakes Entrance concluded our expedition for today. Hope you enjoy seeing our photos and sharing our adventures.


Lakes Entrance – Jemmy’s Point – March 1st, 2019


Jet Ski crossing into the Lakes system at Lakes Entrance


Lakes Explorer returning to port also.  See their info HERE


Tommy Norton and Marlay Point coming “home” through the Entrance


Marlay Point off Bullock Island, Lakes Entrance.



Tommy Norton in the middle of the “Entrance”  Lakes Entrance.


Friday March 1st

Lakes Entrance never disappoints if you are looking for a place to take photos!  This vessel was offshore today, on her way to Orbost/Corringle Beach.  She’s an “Umbilical ship” something to do with the gas company in Orbost, so local knowledge says.

The Skandi Acergy off Lakes Entrance

Ships passing – Skandi Acergy dwafing the Tommy Norton off Lakes Entrance

Skandi Acergy off Lakes Entrance today

Skandi Acergy passing Lake Tyers on her way to Orbost.