Nice day today, so we set off for lunch in Orbost, to our usual haunt “Chooky’s” – Egg and Bacon rolls to die for!!  Definitely worth the drive just for that!  Main street Orbost, you can’t miss it – it will be the one with all the people around!  Very friendly, welcoming staff,  pleasant surroundings and excellent food and coffee.  Fast service too!


Leaving Orbost we headed up to Mount Raymond

Annotation 2019-05-16 174716

And a short drive up some 4 x 4 tracks and we arrive at the top of Mount Raymond, at the Comms tower.  Spectacular views all round!









A short drive from there to Cabbage Tree for a coffee at this great little place


Very friendly people, lovely coffee and fantastic atmosphere – a real old fashioned General Store with lots to see!  Highly recommend you visit this one!


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A pleasant drive back to Lakes Entrance concluded our expedition for today. Hope you enjoy seeing our photos and sharing our adventures.