Bit of excitement in town today.  We had gone into town for some shopping, and had to wait for a Prescription, so intending to spend the time on Bullock Island, we drove off along Marine Parade, to discover all this!   The road was blocked by a truck, lots of flashing lights and men controlling the traffic.  The truck, with a huge barge onboard, was part way across the road, the barge was almost onto the ramp, but had run aground on the embankment.





HUGE big long thing!  No idea how they got it here along our narrow streets.



Took these standing on the slip below the barge, looking up at it.


You can see the right hand side is wedged on the ground.  They had a “dolly” underneath, but there seemed to be a hydraulic problem and it could not lift the barge off.



Have since discovered the story.  It was constructed in a yard here in Lakes in Palmers Road, it was trucked down to Marine Parade overnight, to be launched on high tide, and towed by tug boat to Sydney, as it was much too wide to be trucked that far.  At this stage they are aiming for Saturday on the highest tide.