A trip to Buchan today for lunch.  Countryside is looking dry and many of the dams on properties along the way are empty, or just a mud puddle in the middle.  Even the things that are actually green, are a dull green, not the full bright healthy green we should be seeing at this time of year.

However, it is a lovely trip and lots to see along the way.  At Buchan we stopped at  The Bluff Reserve on the river.  Spectacular rock formations and caves, and the beautiful mountains in the background.  Lovely picnic spot right on the water, would be great on a really hot day.


The river is fast flowing, though didn’t appear very deep at the upper end. Was tempted to wade across to the island but decided I might end up floating off down the river should I fall in!


Along the walking track there’s a swinging bridge that takes you over the river to a nice little picnic spot, which I believe can also be accessed from in town, just passed the Buchan Roadhouse.


And make sure you call in at the Buchan Roadhouse and try one of their famous, and totally delicious steak sandwiches!