One of the great things about living in East Gippsland, specifically Lakes Entrance and immediate areas, is the easy access to waterways.  We have the sea (for the very brave) the Lakes system and our rivers, all of which are readily accessible by boat.  Our favourite at the moment would have to be the Tambo – it’s wide and rarely too rough, and provides some great places to tie up and enjoy the fishing.  Everyone we meet along the way waves “Hi” or calls out a greeting, and most do the right thing and slow down as they go by when we’re tied up on the bank.

Yesterday was an amazing day, with brilliant blue skies, streaked with “contrails” from aircraft passing overhead, making for some great photo opportunities. I won’t bore you with a million photos, but here is a selection of the many I took!


Tambo bluff – just love it up here, the water is quiet and almost still, the sheer cliff rises way above the water, and you can see all kinds of birds flying in and around the caves. Such a tranquil spot (maybe I shouldn’t be saying too much, everyone will want to go there!)



Leaving the bridge of Swan Reach behind.



Tied up to enjoy a cuppa!




What a great day!


Hello “Sundance”   nice to see you !!  What a great spot you had there yesterday!


Hello “Mary Jane” nice to see you from water level rather than from the bridge as usual !