Been out tonight for a meal at the wonderful Floating Dragon in Lakes Entrance.  Superb venue, literally floating on the water! Immaculately clean and tidy.   Facilities are excellent.    Staff are knowledgeable, pleasant and know when to withdraw and when to come to the table to check if you need anything.  As we sat enjoying a glass of wine, waiting for our meal, passing staff would inquire if we needed anything, while we were eating and enjoying our meal, passing staff would ask if the meal was satisfactory, if we needed anything further.  They were attentive, but not overbearing, there when needed, but not interrupting.



The environment is very comfortable, tables are not so close together that you are rubbing shoulders with neighboring tables, and although it was busy, we did not feel rushed or crowded.   At the end our our meal, over coffee, we were invited to stay and enjoy for as long as we liked.


The meal itself was excellent – nothing to complain about there!  Ample plates, hot food, fresh and delicious.

Overall, a great experience, and we would highly recommend anyone to give it a try,  Perhaps on the slightly expensive side for the food, but excellent quality all round.