What an amazing day!  Our “Walking with Friends”  Lakes Entrance group boarded Lonsdale Eco Cruises at 1:00pm today for a wonderful cruise on the Gippsland Lakes.

Melinda made the bookings easy, and was very understanding of our ever changing numbers!

Captain Tony is informative and knowledgeable about the local area, and provides an interesting and amusing commentary to the cruise.

Melinda serves THE best scones on the Gippsland Lakes -with cream and strawberries! She is all over the boat, making sure her guests are well cared for. Her excitement at seeing the seals and dolphins is infectious.  It is great to see that though both Melinda and Tony have been doing this cruise for over 10 years, they are still excited by the Gippsland Lakes and all there is on offer.  Their enthusiasm spills over to their guests, and I’m sure many overseas visitors have gone home with a great impression of our area.

Loved the Entrance where we saw seals frolicking in the waves, I’m sure they are all having a wonderful time and seemed to put on a show for us, jumping out of the water and twisting and twirling in the waves.

We did see the dolphins too!  What an amazing sight! So good to see them in their natural environment, doing what dolphins do!  Captain Tony is very careful not to interfere with them and to keep Lonsdale away from them, while also giving us a great view of the pod.

Captain Tony lets everyone know what kind of birds we are seeing, and a little about each species, very interesting. As we pass by local buildings, he tells us a little about the buildings, their history and their current status.

The Lonsdale is clean and very well presented, obviously loved by Melinda and Tony,  and it is very pleasant to be onboard with them.   You get the feeling that you have boarded their boat and are being treated to something very special, that it is clear they both love. Not just their love for Lonsdale, but for the whole Gippsland Lakes.

So, if you are in Lakes Entrance,  The Lonsdale Cruise is one you don’t want to miss!

See their Facebook page  for more details

Captain Tony

Thanks to you both, Mel and Tony for a great cruise, we all enjoyed it very much and look forward to doing the cruise again soon