A lovely day for a road trip!  Not hot, not cold, lots of sunshine and clouds skimming across the sky creating light and shadow on the mountains and fields we drove passed.  We were surprised by the amount of traffic we encountered on the road, but no hassles as slower drivers pulled over to allow others past.

The trip up the mountains is pleasant, some scary parts of the road as you get higher, but as long as you’re careful, it’s alright. I love seeing all the houses, nestled amongst their trees scattered among the hills, some neat and tidy with precise gardens, others messy with farm equipment and machinery, but all looking well lived in and inviting. There is something earthy and reassuring about country homes.

The mountains are fabulous – their peaks adorned with gum trees silhouetted against a blue sky with white puffy clouds lazily drifting by.  In the valleys, streams can be seen glistening through the trees, with the occasional glimpse of a rock strewn river bed, as the Tambo winds it way along the side of the road.  Cattle and sheep can be seen in their wonderfully green and lush paddocks, some grazing, others lying down in the shade of the gums, or drinking from the streams.   The trees have not yet begun to turn on their brilliant color display for Autumn, with only a suggestion of color on a few, most are still varying shades of green.




Dinner Plains Alpine area is spectacular, even without any snow.  The photos do not capture the grandeur of the mountains and the depths of the valley’s.  I can only imagine how fantastic it must look blanketed in snow.  The road is winding and steep in parts, but in good condition for the most part, well marked for snow conditions, and quite safe for this time of year, although I would suggest you take it easy, some of those bends are quite sharp with a drop off that you don’t want to think about!!




However, it’s a great day trip within easy reach of Lakes Entrance. We left about 9 and were in Omeo around 11:00, went up to Dinner Plains and then returned for lunch at the Bakery at Omeo, which I can highly recommend.  Service was friendly, a nice smile and a “G’day”  as we came in the door, and our food and coffee served with a smile and a few words.  The whole atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the coffee was excellent. 


The rest of the photos we took for the day are in the Album  “ Dinner Plains Alpine Village and Surrounds – March 2017”  if you would like to see more