Well I don’t know about you, but Melbourne Cup Day to me means nothing, other than a chance to get out and about and enjoy our beautiful East Gippsland!

Who could care about a horse race when you have this magnificent place to live in and enjoy!

We went to Lake Bunga Beach, and the Red Bluff lookout, an absolutely superb day! Apparently there were others who agreed with us also!

At Lake Bunga Beach car park we had no sooner turned off the engine of our car, when this little fellow appeared and began “fighting”with his own image in our windows and mirrors


Such a cutie pie!  Love these little birds!

Lake Bunga is full, but not to overflowing at this stage.  It has closed over and no longer draining or being filled by the sea.


Someone was flying a remote controlled plane over Red Bluff, and I have to say I was impressed with how they were able to control the plane and do some complex maneuvers despite the fairly strong wind.


There were a few people enjoying the beach, with their pets and loved ones.


See the rest of our photos from the day here  “November 1. 2016” Click on the image below to see the entire Album.

November 1 2016