A little bit of history in the making here in Lakes on Sunday (I’m just catching up now!) The paddle steamer “Curlip” has been moved from Marlo down to Gippsland Lakes, where she will be restored and returned to service running cruises on the Mitchell River at Bairnsdale.

On Sunday, she was brought through the Entrance into the Gippsland Lakes, watched and cheered on by crowds on Bullock Island, and from the various Lookout points along the way.  She was escorted by a small flotilla of craft, making quite a spectacle for us to enjoy.  The blasts from her horn, were greeted with cheering and waving, as she made her way passed us all, and around to Kalimna where she moored briefly to take on more water.

Her journey continued up to Paynesville, and she arrived in the dark and the rain, to a small, but very enthusiastic crowd waiting at Pier 70 for her arrival.  Again cheering and shouting greeted her as she appeared out of the darkness, turned and moored at the jetty, where she remained for that night and a couple of days later, before being moved to her next  “home” where assessments will be made as to what work is required to be done on her.

We have a short video, showing her coming through the Entrance,  just click on it to start viewing.


There is also an Album of the stills we took available to view here:  Click on the photo to see more

Lakes Entrance, October 16, 2016

A short history of the Curlip can be found HERE