Went around to Lake Tyers today, nice to see a good amount of water in the system and a few boats out fishing.

Progress is being made on restoring a jetty, apparently one which was there years ago (not in my memory!)  designed I presume for fishermen, so that they are not creating a problem for vessels trying to dock at the existing pontoons. We have seen boats have to go around people sitting on the pontoons with fishing lines all around, and their gear spread all around on the pontoons, leaving no space for the boats to dock safely, and creating all kinds of problems for boaties endeavouring to trailer or launch their boats.

We all share the fabulous waterways of the Lakes system, and it only takes a little effort to co-operate and make sure you are not preventing someone else from enjoying the facilities too.

Click on the image to see the Album of shots we took today


October 11 2016  Lake Tyers