This would have to be the most pampered and spoiled cat in East Gippsland!  She adopted us when we moved here, and has made herself right at home.  This is her nice warm blanket right by the fire.  If she got herself any closer, she would catch fire for sure.

She has learnt to “ask” for her food,  to “ask” to go outside and to come back in again, something she does dozens of times a day. The really funny thing is that when she comes inside, she won’t go to her food unless my husband goes with her!  She will come in, wait to see where he is going, and “ask” him to go with her.  She won’t eat until he stands there with her, pats her and tells her it’s OK to eat.    If she comes in and he does not go to her food with her, she will sit near him and meow until he does!  I’m sure she thinks she’s a dog!

With her, a thing done once, must be done every time, no matter what!  And she will “insist” until it is done!

A very strange little cat indeed!