Another visit to Bullock Island today, plenty of action on the water, dolphins feeding in the Entrance until a couple of Jet Skiers came along and scared them off. People should learn there is an exclusion zone around Dolphins and you are not permitted to go roaring straight at them on your JetSki!  If you are here to enjoy our Lakes, make sure you know the rules of the water before you leave the land – they do apply equally!

Lonsdale Eco Cruises was also out and about, looking great coming back from a look at the Entrance



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The “Hewardia” came back to port making a splash as she rounded Green Light Jetty.



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And Araluen  Park Cottages had a visitor while on Bullock Island



Come and visit our amazing Gippsland Lakes,  you are very welcome to share the beauty and all that our area has to offer, but please remember, road rules, water rules, and all other civic rules, really do apply in Lakes Entrance, just like the rest of the country.

You are not invited to dump your rubbish in our streets, parks or bushland, nor are you invited to drive like a maniac through our town (speed limits apply here too!) and park your vehicle where ever you please, however you please, the white lines are there for a purpose – parking rules apply here also!  And please observe the rules when you are out in your boat,  there are speed restrictions that apply to ALL water craft including yours.