Little expedition via Old Bunga Road to get around to Lake Tyers.  They have done a good job making Old Bunga Rd as safe and smooth as possible in the short time they were given to get it right.   The traffic flows well, with the guys and girls at each end making sure we all get through safely. 

Lake Tyers is still open to the sea, so quite a flow of water still coming into the system.

DSCF2588 2016

Pelicans are quite curious and these two came from across the other side of the lake to see what we were doing.  They are very used to people cleaning fish there and throwing them the scraps, so they will come to investigate.


DSCF2589 2016

Despite the water still flowing into the lake, there is apparently an equal amount flowing out again, as the Pelicans and other bird life, have islands on which to sit and preen.


DSCF2592 2016

And finally back through Old Bunga Road again, quite  stream of traffic waiting to turn as we made our way back, but only a short hold up and we were off again.   Deciding to go around and see if we could spot the Dolphins, we went through town and out to Bullock Island, our favourite place from which to spot them.


DSCF2596 2016


Clouds were beginning to roll in, making spectacular light shafts on the clouds and water.\


DSCF2598 2016

The Pelican sand dredge looked ominous as it moved back and forth just outside the entrance as the light began to fade.

And we did see the dolphins! So many we could not count them, leaping and playing in the water, close to the Island, in the Entrance and back towards North Arm.   I did not manage any good photos, they are very hard to capture on film!  But we did get some video which we are still processing, so I will post that at a later stage.


DSCF2603 2016

Eventually the dolphins and the light were gone, making a superb ending to the day.